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  • May 30, 2019 3:41 PM
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    First Half Of 2018 Stock Investing Highlights


Our Services

At Avant Capital, LLC, every one of our services is based on a planning process that focuses on building financial success from the ground up. Once we assist you with making sure the basics—such as an emergency fund—are in place, we then work together to grow and protect your wealth. This is accomplished through careful planning based upon the specific needs and goals that you communicate to us, while taking into consideration your current financial situation, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Communication is the key to establishing and maintaining an effective financial plan. This is a mandatory requirement at Avant Capital that is fulfilled by a consistent appointment schedule—quarterly, semi-annually, or annually—that is determined by what works best for you. Our planning process is designed to reduce the stress and worry of financial security as you live your life and work to reach your goals. As your assets grow and your life changes over time, we work together to keep your plan on track with your goals and monitor your progress the whole way.

No matter what your current stage may be in your family, career, or financial life, Avant Capital is committed to working together on the same team with you to build a more secure financial future.

Our personalized planning services include:

  • Investment Advising and Investment Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance Planning (including Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance)
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Funding
  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Our product offerings include:

  • Investment Accounts
    These include the following on a fee-only, non-commissionable basis: IRAs, Roth IRAs, Sep IRAs, Simple IRAs, 401Ks, Defined Benefit Plans, Non-Retirement Investment Accounts, CDs, Individual Bonds, Variable Annuities
  • Traditional Fixed Annuities
    Both retirement and non-retirement
  • Life Insurance
    Term Life and permanent insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • College Funding
  • Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance